Individual Benefits

Our long-standing position as the nation’s leading agribusiness insurance broker coupled with the scope of our parent company, CHS Inc., the country’s largest farmer-owned cooperative, gives us a unique perspective into the insurance and risk management needs of U.S. farmers and ranchers. We are actively developing a series of insurance solutions to protect you and your family_chsins

Long-term care insurance is an increasingly important part of every farm financial plan as a way to cover future care needs while protecting farm assets. We have endorsed Newman Long Term Care, well-known industry leader, as our preferred provider of long-term care solutions and our partner in an exclusive program for CHS patrons. Follow this link to learn more about how long-term care needs can impact today’s farm families through informational videos, a farm-impact calculator and more. Request a free planning guide here.

Through a special CHS partnership, Nationwide offers Land As Your Legacy® – a farm transition program focused on helping producers preserve their farming operations for the next generation. Check with your local ag retailer or cooperative about Land as Your Legacy informational seminars that help farm families start a transition plan for heirs and assets. Learn more here.